Graham Stephen

I started my Real Estate Career in 2008, right as the entire housing market began to fall - and, throughout those last 14 years, I've represented hundreds of properties, and bought several for myself. This fund was created to venture into a new price point, while inviting my community to investing alongside with me.At the core, Real Estate has been the foundation of my career - but, I haven't had the opportunity or time to expand into larger multi-family deals - until now.I’m excited to partner with my friend and fellow content creator, Ryan Pineda, who has the experience to cultivate a successful partnership from start to finish. He’s flipped hundreds of homes and has raised millions of dollars for syndication. Not to mention, his company represented me on my purchase in Las Vegas, NV.We plan to purchase commercial real estate all over the country and provide our investors with the stability and diversification of real estate!A Note From Ryan PinedaI’m honored to partner with Graham on this fund.He truly values his community more than any other content creator I have ever seen. My mission is to build a company that reflects the values that Graham lives by.We will always put our investors first and be transparent throughout everything that we do. I’m excited to find great opportunities for those who invest with us!

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